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Soooo.....NOT DEAD!

Just been working graveyard on the remodel from hell. For a abusive manager that has managed to undue a lot of the progress I made at not acting like I am broken anymore. So thats fun.

Went to the ER last night because my anxiety about work had gotten so bad, I was having chest pains.

I wanna go back to blogging but the 40hr graveyard work week was killing me. So I was either sleeping or at work or watching Dramas. My life is exciting.

Although due to the remodel I have lost like 15 lbs and I am now burly. No wussy girlyness for me. And I have more bruises than should be allowed.

Despite everything I am doing Ok. Counting down the days till Cali.

Tonight is my last graveyardshift. Then I go back to being Facilities. Which will make me happy and then I can start blogging, and language and my work outs again.

Spawn is doing ok, she starts kindergarten in the fall. Im in denial. HOW DO I HAVE A KINDERGARTNER! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!

Ex is still Awol for the most part, but I have ceased expecting anything.

Faith 22 Or look at Liz rant a lot about Korean show because yes...thats healthy.

This is a fandom rant. If you dont know what fandom is why I may need to rant. Ignore the crazy lady..I will post something kinda resembling a life update later. 
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MUZAKS! Top 5 Japanese Songs

I realized recently That I listen to a lot of music from all over the place. I have been toying around for awhile with idea of sharing my music tastes with world, just never got around to it. *Shrugs*

I will be doing them with themes..I think for the first one I am going to do Japanese songs because well.....why not. Keep in mind these are my musical interests. If you find something you like cool! if Not I aint worried about it.

So here we go, The very first one...Are we excited? I am.

Song #5
DBSK- Love in the Ice
I am not the biggest DBSK fan in the world, but I LOVE THIS SONG! Especially the live performance. I have a weakness for groups who can sing live, and DBSK can...Pretty pretty voices. That and it gives me chills, anything that gives me chills is on the list.
Live performance, because its made of win.

Song #4
Pierrot-Psychedelic Lover

I love this song. Its my favorite from Pierrot. Its catchy and the video amuses me. I like it because its a little punky in feel and really really catchy, and yea. I dont overall I like Pierrot. I am kinda sad they broke up. Even though that was like 7 years ago now. Still sniffle.
Teh Music video.

Song #3
Siam Shade- 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
Now this song you can blame my love fully on Anime. It was used in Rurouni Kenshin and I love it. Still love it. It makes me happy. It makes my inner sap very happy. Im annoyed that the internet wants to deny me love of Siam Shade..Bastards. *Shakes fist*
Video is here X.

Song #2
One Ok Rock-Where Ever You Are

Ok. I kjust got introduced to this band, like last month. This song is one of the major reasons why I went *CLING* I LOVE THIS BAND! That and they in general kick a lot of ass. Just saying. Just a whole lot of love for this song. *huggles it*
NO MV for this song, but listen anyway..NOW!.

Song #1
Boa feat. M-Flo- The Love Bug

Boa is my girl. I love her. I have watched her grow up. I love duets. This song is pure pop catchy-ness. This is actually in general one of favorite songs in general. I realized I am unapoligetic pop lover, alright I said it, who wants some! IDEK anymore. I think I am going to stop trying to justify my love for songs. But Boa is in my I will cut a bish bubble, so take that into consideration if you are going to say anything bad. >>

I think I may have to a separate post for Visual Kei. Or I might not. Who knows. I do what I want.

ANd now that I know LJ is a bish..I will also post pictures....>> for the next one.. *kicks LJ*

"My body hijacked"

Originally posted by rosefox at "My body hijacked"
It's been a long time since we had disposable funds for charity donations, but today I dipped into savings to send a donation to Planned Parenthood, because the House of Representatives just voted to completely defund it. Oh, and they want to completely eliminate Title X family planning funding, too.

Keep in mind that the Hyde Amendment already banned clinics from receiving federal funding for abortion. So the only goal here is to keep people from accessing family planning services, cancer screenings, birth control, HIV tests, and other life-saving and life-changing medical assistance.

There's no upside to this. It's just wrong. And in small and rural communities, it could be a disaster.

We can certainly hope that the Senate will do the right thing and refuse to pass these terrible bills. In the meantime, please stand with Planned Parenthood. At the very least, sign their letter to the House and the Senate. If you can, make a donation--even just a small one. Soon we may be the only source of funds they have.

And please, please spread the word. Women, men, teens too! Men and boys benefit from PP's services too: directly through things like HIV tests and free condoms, and indirectly through having happier, healthier female partners, relatives, and friends. It's too easy for people to dismiss this as "ladybusiness", or to shy away from talking about that icky S-E-X stuff. Please don't let that happen. Speak up for reproductive health services, and keep speaking up for as long as it takes.

There's a rally in New York next Saturday. I'm planning to go if I can get away from work for long enough. Join us if you can.

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still alive. finished school....

ive fallen back into my korean music days...

and its too bloody cold up here.
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i am completely alone with lenny for the first time.

she is just passed out on my chest. she is cute.

still in a mountain of paperwork of doom.

my mommy left today. ill miss her. :(

life is ok. the good out weighs the bad. and it will all work out.