April 18th, 2013

Son Ho Young


Soooo.....NOT DEAD!

Just been working graveyard on the remodel from hell. For a abusive manager that has managed to undue a lot of the progress I made at not acting like I am broken anymore. So thats fun.

Went to the ER last night because my anxiety about work had gotten so bad, I was having chest pains.

I wanna go back to blogging but the 40hr graveyard work week was killing me. So I was either sleeping or at work or watching Dramas. My life is exciting.

Although due to the remodel I have lost like 15 lbs and I am now burly. No wussy girlyness for me. And I have more bruises than should be allowed.

Despite everything I am doing Ok. Counting down the days till Cali.

Tonight is my last graveyardshift. Then I go back to being Facilities. Which will make me happy and then I can start blogging, and language and my work outs again.

Spawn is doing ok, she starts kindergarten in the fall. Im in denial. HOW DO I HAVE A KINDERGARTNER! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!

Ex is still Awol for the most part, but I have ceased expecting anything.